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Visionary Leadership – Do you have What is Needed for 2013?

LEIPWorkbookFRONTCoverROUGHDRAFT08-23-11Visionary leadership involves taking in the larger picture to move the organization or group to the next level by bringing the decision-making process to the forefront. These leaders are inspiring, innovative, and agents of change, creating strategic plans for a better tomorrow.

The key to visionary leadership is maintaining the big picture and offering compelling motivation to move others in that direction. You know who this person is, as she sees and thinks big and can back her vision up with a plan. Organizations like Google, Microsoft , and Yahoo were built on visionary leadership. One has to be open to the endless possibilities and have the foresight to create a
plan of attainment.

She has it:

  • She is motivating, compelling, and inspiring when discussing her vision for the organization or herself. You know she will achieve her vision.
  •  he tactfully challenges the status quo, when it does not align with her vision.
  • She creates a common goal and purpose for her team and her organization.
  • You belong to something bigger when you are with her.

I will admit this is my favorite proficiency as those with visionary leadership are inspiring, amazing, and fun to be with. They see the big picture and tend to be positive, inspiring, and achieve end results. Visionary leadership is not just for organizations. It is used
in fundraising, political rallies, and any other situation where you need to bring people together and achieve set goals.

Visionary leaders are talented individuals who can motivate those around them to take charge and produce results.


  • Ask yourself: What does visionary leadership look like, who has it, and with what skill do they present it?
  • Decide what your personal vision is, what is it you wish to accomplish in the next five years, and think BIG. Be as clear and focused about the end result — it is not enough to say “I wish to be successful.” Allow yourself to dream.
  • Now, break it down to bite-size pieces. What are the action steps you need to take to embrace visionary leadership?

Organizations are craving individuals with Visionary Leadership – If you find this is a soft area for you – Lets develop it!

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